Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crochet Mermaid Glass Beer or Soda Bottle Cozy

Enjoy a refreshing, cold summer beverage in style with this elegant mermaid cozy!

This mermaid companion includes a scaly-textured tail, beautifully fanned tail fin, bikini top, flowing mermaid hair and embroidered facial features.

She easily slips over the top of any standard glass beverage bottle and is sure to make a statement at any summer gathering.

Custom requests are always welcome if another color combination is desired. The color of the tail, bikini top, skin color and hair are easily changeable.

Crochet Minions Galore

Minions, Minions, Minions! As you can see, we are Minion-crazed in our household lately.  I have been busily processing the requests of my kids and friends to meet their Minion needs.  It has been a blast having fun creating these little guys!

Crochet Sweet Pink Lady Minion Girl's Lined Bag

This crochet girl's purse / handbag was inspired by the "Minions" and "Despicable Me" movies. This is my interpretation of how a lady minion might look. She has a frilly pink dress, pretty batting eyelashes, pink bows and pigtails atop her head and dangling legs and arms.

This girl's purse also includes a hand-sewn yellow gingham interior lining, button flap closure at the top of the minion's head and convenient shoulder strap.

The main bag portion measures 7 inches wide by 8 inches tall with a depth of approximately 2 inches.

Minion Hat

This hat, inspired by the "Minions" and "Despicable Me" movies is made-to-order by me using soft yarn. This hat can be custom-made in any minion facial expression desired (within reason). The goggle eye(s) is(are) crocheted separately and appliqued onto the hat; the mouth is embroidered or appliqued depending on the design; and the hair is added as the finishing touch.

Minion Ice Pop Cozies

These unique and lovingly detailed "Minions" inspired ice pop cozies are perfect for protecting little (and big!) fingers from frosty-cold ice pops. Both ends of each cozy "sleeve" are open, so they can be slid up the ice pop with ease while pushing the yummy ice inside to the top.

These are not only cute but practical as well. There is no need to waste paper towels each time your kiddos enjoy an ice pop treat because these can be used multiple times. If they become soiled, just pop them in the wash! Also, when summer is over, they'll make adorable finger puppets!

NEW ADDITION: The Hawaiian Luau Minion with grass skirt and coconut bikini top!

Meet Stuart, Kevin & Bob!

Minion Mini Dolls

This little, snuggly doll version of "Kevin", the big brother of the "minions", is the latest addition to my minion crew.  This is my first attempt at amigurami style crochet, and I have to admit it wasn't as difficult as I'd imagined.  I'm also working on a female minion with a dress and bows in her hair.  Stay tuned for more!