Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Crocheters Dilemma - Saving the "Special" Yarn for a "Special" Occasion

For over a year, I was holding onto a stash of beautiful alpaca-silk blend yarn that my mother-in-law gave me. She picked it up at a yarn shop in Canandaigua, NY one day as she was window shopping. It was one of those gifts "just because", so it was a nice surprise when I received it.

This yarn is so soft and luxurious that I was nervous to use it.  I know other crocheters feel the same. I just couldn't decide the best project for it.  I suppose it's a little like fine china that people save only for special occasions.  Then one day, I realized that savoring it simply to look at it, pet it... admiring its luster... was silly!  Why do we save "special" things for "special" occasions, when we could be enjoying them "just because"?  Why... I don't know.

I'm now happy to say I'm enjoying wearing this yarn every day!  I'm certainly enjoying it more than when it simply sat in my yarn stash serving no purpose other than to admire it once in a while!  Here is my latest creation--something for me for a change!  I made a colorful new newsboy hat embellished with fun flowers and buttons, a chevron scarf in magenta and violet and coordinating fleece-lined mittens each embellished with a flower to match the hat.

I love having a palette of yarn to play with and make something truly unique!

Through this experience, I've realized that I very seldom take the time to make myself something new.  It was a nice treat to do just that!  I decided it feels nice to spoil myself once in a while, and I should do it more often!

So... Go grab that "special" item you've been saving for a special occasion and enjoy it now.  What are you waiting for anyway?  ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Take care!

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