Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crochet Rainbow Scarf, Hat & "Glittens" Set


Recently when my daughter was feeling under the weather, I decided to crochet something to brighten her spirits.  When I asked what she would like, she requested a rainbow scarf with a smiley-faced cloud on one end and a pot of gold on the other.  So of course that's what I made!  

I also interjected some ideas of my own.  I crocheted the rows of the scarf using the "shell" stitch, which I feel gives it a more delicate, feminine appearance.  On one end of the scarf, I incorporated a reversible sun peeking out from behind the smiling cloud on one side and smiling broadly on the opposite.  On the other end of the scarf, I made sure there were two mirror image pots of gold sandwiching the end of the rainbow.  Both scarf ends are double-sided, so there will be no "wrong" side facing out when worn.  This rainbow scarf is definitely colorful and suits my daughter's chipper, creative personality perfectly!

As you can see, there is a great deal of unique applique work and detail in this scarf.  I feel these elements give the finished product great dimension and character.  The fluffy cloud includes button eyes, an embroidered mouth and appliqued rosy cheeks. The sun (complete with triangular rays) includes button eyes and an appliqued mouth. Each pot of gold includes 19 individually appliqued and sewn-on gold coins (38 total).

Since my girl has also been admiring my newsboy hats lately, she naturally wanted one of her own (and of course to match her scarf!).  She also wanted a pair of rainbow "glittens" (aka convertible mittens) to complete the set.  So off I set to make her dreams come true yet again...  Late one night, I laid the finished set at her breakfast place setting, anticipating her excitement upon discovery.  She was so pleased that she made me a special sweet drawing to show her appreciation.  Aww...

The colors for this set are flashy, yes, but everything is exactly as she requested.  The hat and main hand portion of the "glittens" could really be made in any color to coordinate with the scarf.  She just happened to choose pink.  :)  It's the same with the buttons--any color would do.  That's part of the beauty and freedom of a rainbow theme!

I had a great deal of fun designing this set for my daughter.  In fact, I am so pleased with how it came out that I decided to offer this design in my Etsy shop.

If you're interested in ordering a rainbow scarf or a scarf/hat/glittens set for a special child in your life--or maybe even for yourself--feel free to click on one of the photos above, which link directly to my Etsy shop.  The scarf/hat/glittens set has its own listing, or the scarf could be ordered on its own.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Have a sunny day!

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