Monday, December 1, 2014

Crochet Convertible Mittens with Easy-Expose Thumb

When one of my customers requested a pair of mittens to be designed for her, she presented me with a challenge.  She is a photographer, so she needed a pair of convertible mittens that would not only expose her fingers but her thumb as needed as well.  She didn't want to fumble with a thumb flap on a photo session, but instead a thumb slit positioned where the pad of the thumb sits inside the thumb sleeve.  The mittens needed to consist of non-bulky yarn, have long wrist cuffs in a scalloped design, be a specific color and include light brown wooden buttons.  The top picture below is what I initially designed.  The same customer also requested a second pair of convertible mittens (pictured below made in green yarn with a shorter fingers flap), which she could give as a Christmas gift.

Thumb Slit

As you can see in the below picture, the thumb slit is positioned where the pad of the thumb sits.  

The picture does not include a snap closure for the thumb slit, since the customer wanted her thumb to slide in or out as easily as possible.  However, if a snap closure is desired, that could be arranged.

If a thumb slit is not desired, I can certainly crochet them without.  

Fingers Flap & Easy-Expose Thumb

The middle button on the top of the hand attaches to the loop on the fingers flap at the tip of the mitten when it is folded back to expose the fingers.  The two smaller buttons on the side are for decoration only or could be omitted entirely.  

In this picture, you can also see my thumb poking out from the thumb slit.

Top View of the Closed Mitten

This is how the mittens look with the fingers flap closed.

Palm View

This view shows just how much of the fingers are exposed with the finger flap open. Also notice the scalloped design from the wrist cuffs is continued along the edging of the fingers opening.

In this picture, the finger cover does not attach to the palm.  If a velcro or button closure is preferred at the palm of the hand (where the cover sits when it folds back over the fingers), that can be arranged.

The Yarn

The type of yarn I used in both of these projects was Bernat's Vickie Howell Sheep-ish Yarn in Greyish and Oliveish.  I like this brand of yarn because it is 70% acrylic + 30% wool and relatively easy to clean (cold water & dry flat).  It is also super silky soft and helps to retain hand warmth.  If wool is not desired, another light yarn could be substituted.

How to Order

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these Convertible Mittens for yourself or as a gift for someone else, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop.  For the Convertible Mittens Etsy listing, simply click on one of the above pictures, and you will be directed to that specific listing.

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