Monday, November 16, 2015

Crochet One-Sided Mermaid Tail Afghan

I created this pattern as a special request for a desperate lady, who wanted to make her granddaughter a mermaid tail, but her granddaughter hated the constriction of the cocoon-style mermaid tail.  It took one full weekend, but I did it!  Not only that, but I also created two different tail fin styles and a feet pocket panel option.

For a texture that resembles a scaly appearance, I decided to modify my own previously-created version of a scale stitch. Others have inquired if I use a modified version of the crocodile stitch. Although my stitch may resemble the crocodile stitch from a distance, it really is not.  My goal was to create a stitch that is much less bulky than the crocodile.  Don't get me wrong--I like the crocodile stitch just fine--but I simply wanted to achieve more of a smooth-laying, fine scaly-textured appearance for the Mermaid Tail Afghan.

Two Tail Fin Styles


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