Monday, April 4, 2016

Crochet Projects I've Made for Easter

Egg-Shaped Easter Candy Bags

I made these egg-shaped Easter candy drawstring bags for my kids Easter baskets this year.  My goal was to make a drawstring bag with continuous loop string instead of one that can slip out and be eventually lost.  I also like the idea of the drawstring serving as bag handles. My son's is made in aqua/mint/orange/yellow in a notched stitch pattern, and my daughter's is made in lavender/yellow/pink chevron stripes. I had fun adding the appliqued bunny faces with 3D ears, bow ties and button noses/eyes.  They love their bags!

Bunny Ear Warmers & Hat

Last year, I made these bunny ear warmer headbands & beanie hat for the kids' outdoor Easter egg hunt.  It was a snowy day, and I wanted their little ears to stay warm and festive.  :)  This year, they enjoyed wearing them around the house and during their indoor early morning egg hunt.  The ears on the headbands are able to stand up with the aid of inserts made from cut-out plastic milk jugs (two cheers for re-purposing & re-using!), while the beanie cap includes floppy bunny ears per my son's request.  These were a lot of fun to create, and I'm glad that my kids will get years of use out of them.

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