Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Busy Crochet Christmas

I have been a busy Christmas elf lately and just realized how badly I've been neglecting my blog. Though I haven't shared much new lately, that's only because I only have two arms, and they have been elbow deep in yarn for weeks.  Now that a spare moment has presented itself, I'd like to share the new designs on which I've been working.

The Crochet Christmas Elf Hat

I made these one day when the Christmas spirit overcame me, and I just had to let it flow freely through my crochet hook.  These hats have a long, thin tail with a pom pom at the end, and the brim includes white ribbing that fits snug onto the head.

These particular hats were purchased by a customer, who wanted them for her grandchildren's busy Christmas baking day.  They were a huge success!  She shared a photo from their special day, which I am giddy with excitement to share.  Here they are below--three adorable Christmas elves sitting with their grandfather.  The sweetness in this photo is nearly unbearable!  THANK YOU to their grandmother and parents for permitting me to share their precious faces!

A few days after she shared this photo with me, my customer's daughter-in-law commented on my Facebook page that her son loves his hat so much that he sleeps in it. Oh my, how sweet is that!

I also made this hat for my daughter in cobalt blue with snowflake appliques and a tassel including two small pom poms and a tiny snowflake.  Immediately upon posting this photo on my Facebook page, I received an order.  I am also using the same snowflake concept to create a future navy blue newsboy style hat per another customer's request.

I also made my son a green elf hat.  His is a bit different.  Instead of a long, thin tail, he wanted a hat "like Santa's but green".  I decided that he would get a kick out of finding our family's Christmas elf modeling his new hat.  He, of course, thought that was the best thing ever.  Here is "Elf Christina" wearing his new hat.

The Crochet Men's Christmas Green Bow Tie

One of my colleagues is quite the character and wanted something fun and unusual to wear during the holidays.  He wanted something eye-catching that would be a fun conversation piece to wear to parties and work in general.  He gave me one of his old bow ties to reference for size and shape, and this is what I created.  Here he is--my first male model! He was quite pleased with his new bow tie.

The Crochet Chunky Infinity Scarf & Ear Flap Snowflake Hat with Fluffy Lining

This is the warmest, most luxurious hat and scarf set I have ever made. The scarf is my Chunky Infinity Scarf made in blue variegated chunky yarn, and I made a navy blue & cornflower ear flap hat to coordinate.  This set was made per a customer's request to give as a Christmas gift.

This hat is special because it is lined with the same super soft chunky yarn used to create the scarf, which adds a generous layer of extra warmth. To finish the hat, a coordinating decorative border and snowflake were added. With winter in full swing here in Western New York, this set will definitely come in useful.

If you are interested in ordering this hat for yourself or someone else, just shoot me an e-mail at my Etsy shop, and I can create a custom order just for you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  

Here's wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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