Monday, December 1, 2014

Crochet Camouflage & Pink Baby Set

This unique set was a special request from a friend to give as a baby shower gift.  Her friend and husband love hunting and the great outdoors, so she wanted something that would suit their personalities while also being feminine.  She didn't have a specific style in mind.  She simply requested that I create something beautiful.  This is what I designed.

The Circle Baby Sweater

I call this the "Circle Style Baby Sweater" because it is fashioned similarly to a circle skirt.  It could be worn as a sweater or over a onesie as an adorable dress with a cute pair of ruffle-butt bloomers.

The Beanie Hat:

This hat includes a feminine scalloped edging and an over-sized flower with a button in the middle to coordinate with the buttons on the sweater.

Mary Jane Style Bow-Toed Booties

My favorite bootie style for baby girls is the Mary Jane.  They are so adorable and easy to put on and take off.  These booties do not include a button strap closure like most Mary Janes.  They do, however, include a strap that fits snugly around baby's ankle.  I made the soles in pink yarn to coordinate with the rest of the outfit.  I prefer the soles of booties to be a different color, since I feel it gives them more dimension.  To finish, I added a sweet pink bow across the toe for a bit more pink feminine flair.

I must admit that while crocheting this set, I was very nervous.  When I first posed the idea of a camo & pink set to my customer, she had complete faith that I would create a "masterpiece" (her words exactly).  I didn't admit it to her, but I was skeptical that it would actually turn out cute.  Surprisingly, as I worked on it, the combo actually began to grow on me.  In fact, it grew on me so much that I'm thinking of making my own daughter a camo & pink hat & scarf set.

When I shared this set on my Facebook page, it was astonishing how many people liked and commented on it.  But the true test was finding out whether my friend liked it.  Much to my relief, she said the LOVED it.  Phew...!

This particular baby set is not listed in my Etsy store, but I would be more than happy to recreate it for anyone interested.  I would simply create a custom order just for you.

Before starting this project, I poured over the Internet for days before finally coming to a decision on what to make.  There isn't much out there for little girls that involves hunting and camouflage.  I personally have an aversion to pink camo (because where would anyone hunt wearing pink camo anyway--Mars?  Hehehe...), and I didn't like the idea of making a Carhartt look-alike for a girl because it seemed too masculine.  If you're looking for something suitable for a little girl while also honoring your hunting roots, this just might be the solution for you.  :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my crochet creations with you.  Come again if you please!

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