Sunday, February 7, 2016

Crochet is Not a Dying Art

One of my favorite crochet communities on Facebook, The Crochet Crowd, posted something recently that I found spot-on.  Here's what Nancy Withers of The Crochet Crowd had to say:

I totally agree with Nancy.  Crochet IS NOT a dying art. I've said many times throughout my life that I was crocheting when crocheting wasn't cool.  Years ago, it was very rare to happen upon a fellow crocheter by chance. However, as the years have progressed, now there are many more crocheters out there (and knitters too--can't forget them!).  Now there are crochet clubs, classes at craft stores, crocheters working their yarn magic during their work lunch breaks, etc...  I think it's safe to say there are also many daughters and granddaughters carrying on the tradition that their grandmothers and mothers taught them as well as perpetuating through their own children, friends, nieces and nephews.  Furthermore, a few years ago, it was unheard of for males to be crocheting or knitting.  However, now there are quite a few men and boys picking up hooks and yarn.  It's a yarn-working revolution out there, folks! 

Nancy is also correct about the discounting of our time, creativity and materials costs. I've actually had people purchase my Mermaid Tail Pattern on Etsy for $5.50, thinking it was a finished product and expecting free shipping.  One customer even went as far as to say that she felt "deceived" and that I had wasted her money even though she received a full refund.  Wow...

I've also had people ask why I crochet things when I could just go to the store and buy them for a small fraction of the cost. They just don't understand that it's more than money and time... It's creative expression, it's therapy (as Nancy emphasizes), it's doing something nice for someone else, it's anxiously waiting for someone to open a gift you've lovingly made and melting when their appreciative eyes meet yours and so very much more! 

I suppose there will always be someone out there who doesn't understand why we do what we do. The same could be said of other artists, whose work isn't appreciated by those who have no idea what goes into it or why. But we crocheters and knitters press on nonetheless!  I will work my hook and yarn skills until my fingers are knobby and misshapen and can work no more.  I will teach my children when they ask to learn as well as friends and relatives who express interest.  I'm a CROCHETER FOR LIFE and am darn proud of it!

Thanks to Nancy Withers of The Crochet Crowd for the writing inspiration.  :)

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