Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crocheting for Our New Baby Girl

The Reveal

When my husband and I first discovered we are expecting our third child, he left it up to me to decide whether or not we know the gender early.  I was quite determined to wait until "birth" day.  However, when the doctor asked if we'd like to know, I caved.  I don't have enough willpower to wait.  Silly me...

So of course I had to crochet a little something for our new baby girl!  I made her a tiny, ruffled romper and headband for her to wear during one of her first photo shoots. Can't wait to meet her in July!

Boy or Girl?

Before the big reveal, I had also made a gender-neutral baby afghan.  I still love the colors and know we will put it to good use.  I wanted to create a unique patchwork-style afghan involving squares with puffy, two-dimensional stars in the middle of each square.  I used lightweight yarn for our summer baby and loose stitching for breathability. 

My little sweetie loves snuggling with her very first blankie!

The Super Fuzzy Chevron Afghan & Snuggle Bunny

I finished my baby girl's afghan today and made a matching stuffed snuggle bunny to complete her future nap time ensemble. I love the luxurious, soothing smooth texture of Bernat Pipsqueak yarn and am sure our little one will find it comforting as well.

The bunny was an experiment. I created the head with a 3D puffy-cheeks appearance and used the same fuzzy yarn as the afghan to line the interior of the ears and to add a fluffy bunny tail. Then I appliqued a pink heart-shaped nose onto the face and embroidered the sleepy eyes and mouth in grey.  I look forward to seeing my baby girl snuggled up with her little nap time buddy one day. 

The Lacy Daisy Set

In another blog post I shared the Lacy Daisy Octagon Granny Baby Afghan that I made for my little one.  

I also shared family photos with my baby girl wearing the matching sundress set and my oldest daughter wearing a matching sundress.  Here are the photos again just for the sheer fact that I love seeing them over and over!

The Lacy Chevron Baby Dress Set 

First, I just have to share a photo of my sweet, smiley baby!  After all, her smile is contagious!

I originally made this set for my little lady to wear as a hospital homecoming ensemble.  However, she wasn't born quite as large as the doctors thought she would be.  So... this set had to wait for another day.  When she was six weeks old, it finally fit.  And just in time!  One week later, it was a bit too snug!  I can't believe how fast she's growing!

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