Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crochet "Frozen" Inspired Anna Cap

This hat was inspired by Anna's snow cap in Disney's hit movie, "Frozen".  It was so much fun to recreate in crochet.  Of course there were a few design flaws that I worked through in the beginning, which resulted in one failed prototype, but I'm absolutely in love with the end product.  And so is my little princess!

The colors of this cap are based on the snowy movie scenes with Anna's nearly-magenta and dark purple trimmed cap and cape.

However, in performing my initial design research, I had not been thorough enough.  It wasn't until I posted a work-in-progress photo on Facebook that a friend pointed out a discrepancy in the colors.  At first, I was confused.  I thought maybe the colors simply hadn't photographed brightly enough in my photos because in-person, it looked so purple.  But then after consulting Mr. Google and oodles of other movie scene pictures, I realized the problem.  In the brighter scenes with Olaf, the magenta / bright violet of Anna's cap and cape was really evident.  Silly me for not noticing this before!

So back to the craft store I went, smartphone in hand with the exact photos to compare with the different shades of yarn...  Here's the prototype on my beautiful hat model.  She says she likes it anyway, so it wasn't a complete waste of time after all.  ;)

I took my daughter to the craft store with me this time.  Surely she, the "Frozen" fanatic, would spot the exact shades of purple with her keen eye for color in the "candy store" of the yarn aisles.  We were so excited when we finally spotted "the ones".  Only a true crafter or artist knows the pure elation of finding just the right color/texture/size element to make your project really come to life. Mentally, I was fist pumping into the air with crochet hook in hand.

Late last night (and I mean late--2 a.m.), the Anna-inspired cap was finished!  My hands just couldn't stop until it was done.

I crocheted the cap using super soft bright violet yarn and trimmed it with a sparkling plum yarn. There is a soft, fluffy lining along the top front.  Attached to the bottom are the braids, which are a combination of two shades of reddish-brown yarn to create a highlighted look, as well as Anna's signature white steak on her right side.



This hat is the second most popular of the "Frozen" themed hats I've created.  The Olaf-inspired hat is #1 so far.  

If you are interested in ordering this hat for your little princess, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop or click on any of the photos, which link directly to the listing.

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