Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat

I absolutely, positively LOVE Autumn!

It's my favorite season of the year here in Western New York.  With its picturesque hillsides of autumn foliage, golden fields of corn and grain ready for harvest, colorful mounds of mums decorating neighborhood landscapes, apples ripe and ready for the picking, sweater weather just around the bend and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes everywhere; it's a vision of Heaven to my eyes.

My favorite part of my favorite season is pumpkins...  Big, small, short, tall, plump or thin and sweet enough to eat...  They are perfect for decorating and make wonderful fall treats.  I even think they're perfect for wearing (not the fruit version, of course!), especially for cute kiddos.

While expecting my second child, who was born in the month of October, I was placed on one month of bed rest before his arrival.  This gave me just enough time to concoct my "crocheter's master plan" for our new bundle. I decided he needed the perfect pumpkin hat to adorn his perfect, fuzzy newborn pun'kin head.  And so I made him one...  Then when his hat turned out so great, and frankly soon-to-be big sister became a little jealous, she wanted one too.  Then of course that escalated into making her a Jack-o'-lantern costume for Halloween.

Now you may be astonished or bewildered at the extent of my excitement about those pumpkin crochet plans, but any crocheter or crafter can understand.  When inspiration strikes, you just roll with it.  The best part of creating is bringing your vision to life.

Below are the Little Pumpkin Hats I made our children that autumn.  You'll also see my daughter's Halloween costume, which she looked so stinking cute wearing (plus you can bet it kept her toasty warm while trick-or-treating!).

She also requested that I make them matching pumpkin hats for the following year, and so of course I did!

 Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat     Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat     Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat

 Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat     Crochet Little Pumpkin Hat

If you would like a Little Pumpkin Hat for your li'l pun'kin this Autumn, I'd be happy to crochet one for you!  Please feel free to visit my Etsy shop for the listing as well as browsing for other ideas if you like.

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