Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crochet "Hello Kitty" Inspired Hat and Scarf Set

The Hello Kitty inspired hat is by far my most requested made-to-order item.  In close second is the Hello Kitty inspired scarf to make a complete set.  For the hat, I followed the pattern found here.  

The first set pictured below was made for twin little ladies.  They were so excited when they got their sets that they had to pose for a photo right away.  I just loved when their mama shared their big, broad smiles in their new winter gear.  How rewarding to know they enjoyed them so much!

For the Hello Kitty granny square at the ends of each scarf, I found the idea for the design here. Although there was no pattern available, I was able to improvise and recreate the square.  I like mine better anyway because the face shape is more full and round like the real Hello Kitty face.  Because I didn't want the rough applique stitches showing on the back of each kitty square, I made two for each end (four kitty squares per project).  Then after sewing on the eyes, whiskers and bow/flower, I sandwiched the "wrong" sides together to hide that part.  Doing that really gives the project a finished appearance.

As for the other scarf squares, I made nine 4-inch granny squares in the design of my choice in alternating colors. After sewing them into a long strip, I crocheted a double border around the entire scarf.

For the granny squares in the above scarves, I used the traditional granny square pattern.

 I used the traditional granny square pattern for this as well.

 The scarf above was my prototype, which I made for my daughter.  The pattern of the individual squares on the scarf is of my own design.

Here's a full-sized view of my daughter's scarf.  :)

I made this black Hello Kitty hat for my goddaughter, and she loved it.  
The hat can be made-to-order and purchased separately here.

The FREE "Nuthatch" granny square pattern used for the squares in this scarf can be found here.

The FREE Flower Garden Granny square pattern used above can be found here.

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