Friday, September 19, 2014

Crochet Little Lamb Baby Layette

This was a made-to-order baby layette set for a little boy.  My mother-in-law requested that I crochet a layette for her late husband's daughter, who was having a baby boy.  She suggested a lamb theme, and this is what I came up with.  I did not use a pattern--only my imagination.

While crocheting this set, I was overcome at times with emotion.  My stepfather-in-law had passed away just a few years prior, and I was sad that he'd never get to meet his new grandson.  Much in the way my father's passing in my early 20s affected me on my wedding day, the births of our children, many holidays and so many other life events; I empathized with his daughter.  He was also a very dear man in our family, who had done so much for us.  He taught us a great deal, he made us laugh and he loved us in his own way.  I was happy to return the favor by crocheting something lovely for his first grandchild.

The afghan & sweater were made using baby fingerling yarn.  Since the baby was due in the Spring, my mother-in-law and I thought a lightweight material would be perfect for warm spring or cool summer days.  The hat was made using super-soft Serenity Baby Yarn and trimmed in the same edging pattern and yarn as the afghan and sweater.  

I am so happy with how the afghan turned out.  It was really a simple stitch pattern, but it added such a nice textural element.  Looking at it makes me want to remake it in blue because to me, it resembles rippling waves.  Hey, maybe I will...  Another in memory of Bill and his harbor-view New London home...

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